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Infinity Dance Productions Welcomes You

Find What Moves You

Each and every one of us has a natural rhythm living within, and it’s time to let it shine. Infinity Dance Productions offers fun, challenging and most of all rewarding classes to suit every skill level. From beginning stages of ballet to competition team. We have everything that you need.  What are you waiting for? Register today!



Infinity Dance Productions is all about family. It’s about the love for the same thing...the art of dance in its entirety. It’s all about the story and how each person is different in their own way. It’s not about trophies, or who is better. It’s about teamwork as a dancer, parent, or staff member and what it took to get us where we are today. It’s about the love for dance and how we share our experience. When we fall, we fall together. When we rise, we rise together as a family. It’s about friendships and long lasting memories. The name infinity is endless. There are endless possibilities and infinite amounts of love to share. Helping one another and showing each and every person they are special in their own way. At infinity Dance Productions it is about writing our own story with no limits. To Infinity and beyond! 

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Interested in learning more about Infinity Dance Productions, or ready to sign up for class? Get in touch today.

614 Robert Blvd Slidell, LA 70458


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